The future of business starts now at Plum Systems!

Plum System's powerful cloud platform solutions, developers and support team creates the most groundbreaking user friendly business solutions — all optimized for speed, security, and scale — so that organisations can effectively transform to compete in today’s markets. Together, with our select clients we’re building the future!

Plum Systems is a think tank focused on delivering innovative ICT solutions to all aspects of industry. We provide development , networking, architecture and design services to a wide range of industries. We have a diverse team of engineers, developers, project managers, architects and analysts with a unique take on solution delivery. We call it "Plum Intelligence" or π. Our π is good please get some.

Plum Systems offers network connectivity and specialized monitoring solution for home and corporate clients. We provide highly customized and integrated network solution with an emphasis on security and quality of service. We have many unique offerings delivering secure high performance cabled and wireless solution in local and wide area formats.

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