Welcome to Plum Systems, where innovation and technology thrive. We're thrilled to see so many new faces joining our team today. On behalf of the entire Plum Systems family, we want to extend a warm welcome to each of you. We believe that with your skills and dedication, we'll achieve great things together

Mark and Lucien Co-Founders of Plum Systems


Company Overview

At Plum Systems, we're all about pushing the boundaries of technology and creating meaningful solutions for our clients. Our focus is on three key areas: app development, web portal solutions, and cybersecurity. We take pride in delivering cutting-edge, user-friendly applications, developing secure web portals that revolutionize user experiences, and providing top-notch cybersecurity measures to protect our clients' data and assets.

AI Development

...And guess what? We're not stopping there! This year, we are embarking on an exciting journey into the world of AI development. We're thrilled about the possibilities AI brings and the transformative impact it can have on businesses and individuals alike. As a part of Plum Systems, you'll be at the forefront of this revolutionary technology, contributing to projects that will shape the future.

Collaborative Environment

Here at Plum Systems, collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We believe that our diverse talents and perspectives are our greatest strengths. Working together, we tackle challenges, nurture creativity, and deliver exceptional results for our clients. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment, where every idea is valued and respected.

Opportunities for Growth

As you settle in, remember that your growth and development matter to us. We offer continuous learning opportunities, training programs, and career advancement paths to help you flourish professionally. Together, we'll expand our skillsets and unlock our full potential."

Once again, we want to extend a warm welcome to all of you. We are excited about the contributions each of you will bring to Plum Systems and the collective achievements that lie ahead. As we embark on this journey together, let's embrace challenges, celebrate successes, and keep innovation alive in all that we do. Welcome to the Plum Systems family!

Plum Systems Management Team

Application Innovation

Targeted Web Solutions

We build beautiful professional websites that clearly represent the clients brand and mission. More importantly, the  websites and web portals we design offer full interactive business support solutions making them so much more than just a web brochure. The web presences we create actively solve system and process issues and increase business automation.

Business Connectivity

Plum Systems offers network connectivity and specialized monitoring solution for home and corporate clients. We provide highly customized and integrated network solution with an emphasis on security and quality of service. We have many unique offerings delivering secure high performance cabled and wireless solution in local and wide area formats.

Business Incubation

Plum Systems in partnership with CPUT runs the BiiC a comprehensive incubation program for graduate student and other entreprenuer business projects that have a social impact and are commercially viable. Our program provides mentorship, technology assistance, and access to funding and resources to develop great solution ideas into successful businesses.